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The Shalkiinsky lead-zinc deposit is located at the foot of the southeastern slope of the Karatau ridge. The geological structure of this territory includes deposits of the Middle Paleozoic terrigenous red formation (Tyulkubash formation), overlying Ordovician deposits with erosion and unconformity, as well as the Middle Paleozoic carbonate formation, subdivided into Famennian, Famennian-Lower Carboniferous, Tournaisian and Visean deposits. Paleozoic deposits are overlain by Mesozoic terrigenous deposits.

Ore and nonmetallic minerals are known in the described area. The former are represented by lead, zinc and copper, the latter by building materials, saltpeter and medicinal mud.

Lead-zinc mineralization of deposits and ore occurrences in the region is predominantly of the stratiform type, with secondary hydrothermal development, and is localized in Famennian deposits of two lithofacies: the first – carbonaceous-clayey-siliceous-carbonate and the second – essentially dolomite. The first type, in fact, is associated with the Shalkiinsky type mineralization, widespread within the Baktysay syncline.

The Shalkiya deposit was formed as a result of sedimentary processes, which were closely related to volcanic activity in the region at that time, and secondary hydrothermal processes, and the final form of the structure of the ore field acquired under the influence of movements from the southwest to the northeast with the formation of an overturned synclinal fold. Due to the uneven activity of volcanic activity, anomalous contents of zinc and lead are recorded in five different units at the deposit, but only two are of industrial significance.

In general, the structure of the Shalkiinsky ore field is dissected by faults into a number of blocks, which are conventionally united into two main sections: Northwestern and Southeastern. The ore field itself dips to the south, and lies from 50 m (in the north) to 950 m (in the south) from the surface.

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