Our activity

Group of «ShalkiyaZinc based in 2001. It is one of the leading mining companies in Kazakhstan, is engaged in extraction and processing of lead-zinc ore and lets out lead and zinc concentrates. The basic industrial divisions of the Company are in Southern Kazakhstan and include following actives:

  • Mine of «Shalkiya»- underground mine near to settlement of Shalkiya in Kyzylorda area on which the Company conducts industrial extraction of lead-zinc ores;
  • Kentau factory – the concentrating factory located near to the city of Kentau approximately in 165 km. To the southeast from mine Shalkiya, used by the Company for processing of lead-zinc ore from Mine of «Shalkiya» and manufacture of lead and zinc concentrates.
  • The Deposit of “Talap” – the deposit of lead-zinc ore which is approximately in 30 km to the southwest from mine of Shalkiya.

«ShalkiyaZinc» is located in immediate proximity to the large markets of consumption of zinc of the Central Asia, Russia and China. In 2006 “ShalkiyaZinc” has successfully placed global depositar receipts at the London stock exchange. 2007 was first year for the Company in its new status of the public company. The basic priorities of the Company are modernisation of capacities and gradual increase in extraction and processing to 4 million tons of ore a year to 2011.